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Simba’s near miss

Simba was seen playing with a needle and attached thread, and before his owner could get it from him, he appeared to have swallowed it!  Thanks to the quick thinking of his owners, he was immediately brought into Ourimbah Veterinary

Oral Health Care For ‘Farm Furkids’

During dental month we tend to focus on our domestic pets, but did you know that other animals such as alpacas, goats and sheep can also suffer from dental disease? Goats, sheep and alpacas do not have upper incisors, they

Urinary Incontinence in Dogs

Urinary incontinence is a relatively common issue in dogs, especially middle age to older female dogs. There are numerous reasons why dogs may develop incontinence: Neurological problems – lesions in the brain or problems with the nerves that control urinary

What’s causing your pet to itch?

We all get an itch from time to time it’s just a part of life! However there are number reasons that cause pets to itch excessively, the constant scratching, licking and chewing at themselves to point of damaging their skin. The