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Making winter more bearable for your pet!

Around about autumn time we get a kick start into preparing ourselves to make winter more bearable-  time to dust off the gas heater, stock up on fire wood, impulsively buy that woolly jacket and install a state of the

Dental X-rays

Dental care is vital for the health of your cat or dog and just like in humans regular dental check up, scale and polish is vital for the health of your animal. Dental disease is very common and can not

Intestinal Worms

When we talk of ‘worming’ your pet- what do we mean? Firstly we need to establish there are many different type of worms we routinely prevent/treat in cats and dogs that require different approaches to treatment and prevention. The worms


At Ourimbah Veterinary Hospital, we believe in delivering a pet care plan for your pet for life. This means we are instrumental in helping your pet achieve a happy and healthy life, not just trying to fix problems when they

Molly’s Munching Mistake!

When Molly wasn’t being her usual bright self, she was brought in by her concerned owner. As she had been vomiting and showing signs of abdominal pain, her vet started suspecting that Molly had munched on something she shouldn’t have.

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