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Cat Flu

Your purring little bundle of fluffiness can certainly get runny eyes, a snuffly nose and sneezing just like people - often referred to as Cat flu. Cat flu is often caused by one of two viruses, Feline Herpes Virus (FHV1) or

What’s causing your pet to itch?

We all get an itch from time to time it’s just a part of life! However there are number reasons that cause pets to itch excessively, the constant scratching, licking and chewing at themselves to point of damaging their skin. The

Central Coast Hendra Virus Update

The diagnosis of another Hendra virus case near Beenleigh recently, and the reported potential exposure of 4 people to the affected horse, supports the possibility that Hendra Virus is likely to continue be diagnosed in Australia. It is easy to

Felix the cat

Felix the cat was one of our adoption kittens....Earlier this year Felix was not weight bearing properly on his left front leg.On examination it appeared that he had managed to tear the muscle that normally attaches to the top of

Dental Care

The focus is on oral health this month at Ourimbah Vet...Did you know a whopping 80% of dog's and cat's over 3 years of age have some form of dental disease and these numbers only increase as they age?Dental disease can have

Winnie’s Troubles!

Winnie is a bit of a favourite at our clinic and also wins herself the tag as one of our naughtiest patients! She often calls into the veterinary hospital for a quick cuddle with our staff, ideally when she is