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Making winter more bearable for your pet!

Around about autumn time we get a kick start into preparing ourselves to make winter more bearable-  time to dust off the gas heater, stock up on fire wood, impulsively buy that woolly jacket and install a state of the

Ear Issues

Ear infections also called ‘otitis’ are a common and chronic problem we see in our K9 and feline friends. It can be a painful and distressing ordeal for both pets and their humans. An ear infection generally begins with an

Pet Pigs

Chinese New Year welcomes the year of the pig! We love pigs at Ourimbah Vet and think they make awesome pets! Did you know pigs are very intelligent and can be trained similarly to our canine friends?! They can be

Bonding Bunnies

Bunnies make fantastic pets!  Find below a few tips from Dr Ellise on some of the common issues that may be found as you get to know your bunnies, tips on how to successfully introduce bunnies to each other, plus

DNA Testing for Your Dog

Have you ever wondered what breeds make up your mixed breed dog? Now there is a simple affordable blood test available, which can show your dog’s family tree as far back as their Great Grandparents. Knowing your dog’s genetic makeup