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At Ourimbah Veterinary Hospital, we believe in delivering a pet care plan for your pet for life. This means we are instrumental in helping your pet achieve a happy and healthy life, not just trying to fix problems when they

Pet Rescue on the Central Coast

Becoming a veterinary nurse was inevitable for me. The love and respect I have for animals and their welfare is at the absolute core of my being. Before my studies, I volunteered my time when and where ever needed. But

Felix the cat

Felix the cat was one of our adoption kittens....Earlier this year Felix was not weight bearing properly on his left front leg.On examination it appeared that he had managed to tear the muscle that normally attaches to the top of

Aural Haematomas

A few days ago I saw a patient called Otis. Otis had suddenly developed a swelling in one of his ear flaps (pinna). The swelling had developed very quickly. Otis's dad was very concerned about the swelling as it was

Meet Merlot

Merlot is a 5 month old Welsh section B colt - isn't he cute?! One morning recently Merlot's breeder noticed that Merlot didn't appear to be drinking from his mother, and on a closer look noticed that the right side