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Onsite Laboratory

We have a fully equipped in house laboratory. Many of the tests routinely recommended can be performed in-clinic, providing results quickly and allowing for immediate treatment of your pet. These include general blood biochemical testing, full blood counts, urinalysis, faecal tests, skin scraping, cytology/ microscopy as well as specific disease testing such as parvovirus, FIV and heartworm testing. Normal results can rule out certain diseases immediately, which reduces anxious waiting times. We can make fast decisions about the next step to take, whether it be treatment and additional tests. This gives us answers so we can help your pet right away.

When is blood work necessary?
  • Sick and emergency situations. Blood work provides us with a valuable picture of your pet's health and is often the first step in shedding some light on a pet's condition. In emergencies the rapid turnaround of results performed in clinic means more specific treatment protocols are initiated more quickly. This can be critical when time is of the essence. 
  • Pre-anaesthetic testing. Blood work is routinely performed prior to  any procedure that requires general anaesthesia. It lets us know if anaesthesia is likely to be safe for your pet and allows us to make adjustments if we see anything abnormal. This testing is often performed the same day as the procedure, making it easy for you and your pet as it eliminates the need to fast your pet more than once and reduces the number of trips you need to make to the hospital.
  • Medication monitoring. Many medications come with recommendations and guidelines that often involve simple blood tests to ensure your pet's vital organs are working properly and not sustaining drug-related changes which may warrant dose adjustments. Click Here for more information on drug monitoring.
  • Preventative care screening. Because the signs that your pet is sick are not always obvious, preventative care screening has the potential to not only uncover earlier more subtle disease, but can also help you avoid significant medical expenses and risks to your pet's health.